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bonded labourers were released


released bonded labourers got full rehabilitation packages from the government


released bonded labourers are still awaiting their rehabilitation from the government


bonded labourers were identified and applied for their release and rehabilitation



Thank you!

"Jeevika is relentless in giving a voice to those who have been deprived of their most basic human rights. In addition to writing the state plan for the eradication of slavery, Jeevika has rescued over 20,000 people in the state of Karnataka, India. Jeevika's work is replicated in other areas and with other vulnerable populations."

"Jeevika is a long standing partner and ally of CCFD and has been instrumental in raising awareness on the issue of bounded labour both in India and abroad. Jeevika has achieved tremendous results in its fight against this caste-based slavery system and is an important actor of the Indian civil society, working tirelessly for a more just society."

Katie Ford

CEO, Freedom For All


Juliette Segard

Project Officer for South Asia, CCFD


"Jeevika is the most democratic organization, nay, peoples’ movement that I've known for more than 18 years, fighting for the rights of the neglected class/caste of bonded labourers, whose human rights’ concerns are still among the gravest of challenges to the Indian Constitution; yet they are found relegated to the backburner of State policy concerns. Jeevika has unmistakably kept the issue and struggle alive!" 

Nitin R.

Lawyer, former Law Research Assistant to the Chief Justice of India

"Freeing people from bondage is one thing but enabling them to build up their lives in dignity is yet another. This is what Jeevika is doing. Who has ever had a chance to see the difference between people stuck in bondage and people who, with the support of Jeevika, have gained their freedom and speak of “having been given a second life", will grasp the tremendous significance of Jeevika’s work. Jeevika shows that getting away from bonded labour is possible!"



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